Money is the only....

10/05/2010 20:08:37

Yaten Kou (yaten)

#00"Money is the only limit to your imagination." - yaten

Let's have a little game.  If you can disprove this quotation (see above), post your comment.  Please make all your comments in English language only so that the general public can read.  Also, flames and rants are not welcome here so please be civilized with your post. 

This is nothing more than just having some fun, it may turn into a debate but I wish all participants to keep in mind that this is just for fun and there is nothing to be very serious about.  Also, please keep in mind that this is not a one-sided exchange of idea, I will be representing the 'pro' side since I made the quote, the rest of the audience will then have the liberty to either be on the 'pro' side or the 'con' side.  To put some spice, I'm not going to elaborate my quotation as to why and how I have thought of it, but rest assured I am prepared to defend the 'pro' side, so plan your attack wiselyWink.

Have fun!


Note that since this challange is posted on both my blog and on my facebook page, the official results will be posted on this blog since I don't have better control over facebook so it will be harder to organize the results from there.  Hence, this journal will be updated as comments comes in.

Also, if you wish to post anonymously, don't do it on facebook, post your comment here (on my journal page) so that you can do it anonymously.

This has nothing to do with work or my personal life, I'm just unwinding my mind from my current R&D project, and so I thought that this would make a good dust stirrer.

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