Resident Evil 5

11/24/2010 12:47:21

Yaten Kou (yaten)


I'm very glad GamersGate had this game on sale! I've been waiting for this title since this title is already on PS3 and I've seen how nice it was made.

I'm a fan of Left-4-Dead series because of the "coop" theme.  Well I'm a fan of all games that can be played on "coop" mode such as "Greed: Black Border", "Neverwinter Nights 2 and expansions" to name a few, so I'm really glad that "Resident Evil 5" is now geared on coop mode since it really feels more realistic.

Resident Evil 5 is more of like Left-4-Dead series because the missions, even on single player mode, you still have a companion controlled by AI which makes the game feels more comfortable and realistic since you feel secured that you have a companion to save you in case you made a mistake and you are in a pinch.

The graphics is superb specially since RE5 supports DirectX 10, but surprisingly, it isn't slow even on low spec PC.  

They also maintained the original feel of the RE series; such as the way they presented the menu, the voice that says "resident evil... 5" when you press the start key etc.

I really recommend this game to all, may it be an RE fan or just about anyone.  I gave it a 5 star rating as it really exceeded my expectations.

Happy gaming to all!

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