Ghost Master Game Review

12/16/2010 06:48:25

Yaten Kou (yaten)

#00I have posted a brief review at about Ghost Master.

If you are looking for a unique casual fun experience with a bit of humor, this game is very much recommended. Since you don't have direct control over the reaction of the people, there is much replayability on this game specially if you are trying to beat time record.

Graphics isn't top class, you could see a bit of vectors here and there but at least it can still capture the imagination of the player.

Don't expect too much on the sound as well, sometimes you'd even notice some bug on the sound but that's negligible.

Don't underestimate this game thinking that it is very easy, it is well balanced and can be challenging too. But the good thing is, the player can set the level of challenge, if you want to be a perfectionist, it will be very hard.

Overall, I gave this game 5 over 5 rating since I'm really entertained by this game. Although frankly, I haven't seen the end of the game, but nevertheless, I'm entertained a lot.

Below is a brief description as well as feature list of the game Ghost Master quoted from Gamers Gate.

Frighten lowly mortals from their homes and places of work in a game that casts you as an afterlife civil servant - with command over legions of ghosts, ghouls and spirits!


  • Innovative and universally appealing game concept - control the bad guys for a change!
  • Groundbreaking graphical and technological advances - that bring bring.
  • Unparalleled levels of accessibility, enjoyment and involvement.
  • A wide range of ghosts and scaring tools at your disposal!
  • Uses a simple "forget the manual" game interface.
  • Ground-breaking artificial intelligence - many seemingly-living AI driven characters in each level.

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