My site is back!

03/05/2014 14:25:26 +0000

Yaten Kou (yaten)

After 3 long years since that incident that lead to closing my blog and personal website, I've decided to put it back up again.  Lots of reasons lead me to restarting this site up:

  • Most important reason, I have a blog post here that I really cannot allow to be forgotten, this is a blog post about my closest friends in the world, and how they made me happy.  I'm very wrong to have weighed the incident more over the memories I had with them. Never mind all that game reviews I made, those are mostly just to get good index grade from Google, the 2 post above is what really matters most about this site, my memories.  And from this day forth, I will try to put more value on my post than just randomly blogging things.
  • The incident has long been forgotten and irrelevant now.
  • It might be good for me to sit back sometimes, reflect what I have recently done, and plan for the future, and while at it,  perhaps share a bit of knowledge that I learn.
  • I also need to test VIOXYS (the engine running this site) at the end-user point-of-view so that I can truly enhance the engine where it matters, the user experience.

So I'm back!

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