Crimea deserves their independence

03/21/2014 00:34:29 +0000

Yaten Kou (yaten)

In my opinion, Crimea deserves their independence.  Who are we to judge that their freedom is not legitimate?  Are we to say they have no right for their freedom?  And how about those others who didn't vote, you might ask? Isn't that their fault they did not vote and did not exercise their rights? 

Before this historic event, I'm a pro-Obama person.  I usually agree on most of his policies and the way he runs his country. I was happy that USA finally got a president with a brain.  But after Crimea, I now started to doubt him.  He is arrogant in saying that President Putin is in the wrong side of the history, how does he know he isn't at the wrong side of history?  History is supposed to be teaching us a lesson so we don't commit the same mistakes again. It will not become history if its not interesting, it will just be forgotten easily like any regular day of your life.

And here goes the sanctions, do they think they are helping people with these sanctions? These leaders, are they forgetting that they are here to uplift the lives of their people?  They are not here to bully another leader or team-up against another leader, they are supposed to be here to help the people.  If they impose economic sanctions to Russia, are they not thinking that it will also affect their people?  How about the innocent russians who might be affected by their economic sanctions?

They wanted to abolish G8 because they dislike what Russia did, isn't that counter productive?  This crisis doesn't need sanctions, threats or military intervention, it needs cool head and more peace talks.  What they need to do is arrange more meetings with the leaders and talk about it. Listen to everyone have to say and agree with a solution to the problem.

This is why I dislike politics, its like everyone in politics acts like a grade schooler, more bullying, more threats, less of the intelligent talks.

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