What's happening to doctors lately?

03/28/2014 07:22:16 +0000

Yaten Kou (yaten)

I don't know what's happening lately with our doctors, or at least the doctors in my locality.  It seems like 90% of them have no regards to time, most of them would arrive 1 to 2 hours late from appointed time.  That is also 1 to 2 hours late from their official clinic time as posted on their calling card or signage. Well, the remaining 10% are those who are always at their clinic when I arrive so I don't know really. 

Another thing, in the age of internet, most people are no longer zero in terms of medical knowledge.  Most of us would do some research first so that we are at least aware of the 'terminologies' and the background of what we think is the problem.  We're not saying we are better than them, of course not!  It is why we still seek their professional opinion.  But in my observation, the moment you display such knowledge to them, they would promptly ask, "where did you get that information?".  When you say you did some research, they would start being anal and would usually say, "that's why people get into trouble, they think they know better than doctors", while I never gave the slightest hint of aggresiveness to warrant such kind of reaction, in fact, I was very courteous and gentle when I share what I read from the internet. Sometimes I think these doctors who react negatively are insecure that people are becoming knowledgeable because of internet.  Shouldn't they be happy that they don't have to explain every detail of the condition to their patient?  Well, at least not all of them are like that, but a sizeable number of doctors are like that.  Sometimes I'd just pretend I don't know anything just so we don't stray off from the matter at hand.

Is this the modern culture of doctors now, to be late and be anal about their being a doctor?  Can anybody share their own experience on their doctors?

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