Yaten examines the inflatable pool

Name: Yaten Kou
Nick Names: Yatz, General, The Architect, Padawan
Height: 165cm
Weight: 46Kg (as of May 2010) (view weight chart)
Birthdates: 4 (as of 2010)
Age: Unknown (probably between 20 and 100)

Favorite Food: Sashimi, Junk Foods (chips, nuts, etc)
Favorite Color: Gold and Black
Favorite Number: 4 (yes, a deadly number)
Favorite Activity: Researching
Favorite OS: Linux Slackware
Favorite Programming Language: C, Java, Delphi Pascal
Favorite Programming Scripts: Perl, Javascript
Favorite Browser: Firefox
Favorite Mailer: Webmail and SquirrelMail
Favorite IM: Pidgin
Hobby: Programming
Occupation: IT Consultant, Chief System Architect (and Street Sweeper ^_^v)

I am Yaten, some of my associates calls me "General" as in "General Yaten", some calls me "The Architect" because of my job title of "Chief System Architect", a very few calls me "Padawan" or "Padawan Yaten" (no idea why but probably because they are 'the Boss') but most of my friends and business associates calls me simply as "Yaten."  For those who have further questions about my name, I have answered them on my FAQ page.
My life revolves around computer, day in and day out, I spend my time on computers.  I am almost like a hikikomori because sometimes I feel that computers are easier to comprehend than people (but no I'm not quite like it, don't take it negatively).

My general occupation is IT Consultancy, I also develop and maintain system for a few clients which gave me the title Chief System Architect.  I don't really care about job titles, in fact, I sometimes feel nauseated when people use very strong titles that never seem to fit them (see blog post). Because of that, I sometimes use the following signature when I send emails to my business associates:

Yaten Kou
Janitor / Street Sweeper
Sanitary Department
Department of Public Works

My line of expertise is on system development and server administration.  Throughout my career life, I have setup and configured various servers for different company including ISPs and Technology Providers.  List of servers I have configured so far are as follows:

  • Mail servers
  • Web Servers
  • DNS Server
  • PABX and VOIP Servers
  • Gateway and Proxy Servers
  • Web Accelerators (reverse proxy)
  • SMS Gateway Servers

You will get to know me more in the future as I update my page and through my blog post.