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Welcome to my personal website.  I am Yaten Kou, simply call me Yaten, some call me by other names such as General Yaten or Architect Yaten (see my about me page).  This website is where I post my personal views and opinions about different things such as work, leisure, politics, principles and almost anything under the sun. 

This website was initially created as my sandbox website in beta testing the features of VIOXYS.  In the end, it became my live journal since I have been updating it once in a while whenever I'm testing new features and populating my website became addicting.  Since my nature of work is purely technical and I have no formal education on being a journalist, my writing skill is not good, for that, I'm sorry.  For that reason, please don't expect a lot on my journals, it is mostly unrefined both because of lack of writing skills and lack of time.  But I do hope that you may get something useful from my journals whether it is for work, or for leisure.

You can also follow me on my Tweeter account.  I also have a facebook account if you wish to become my fan.

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